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Power Quality


Monitoring and improving the quality of power products, including active filtering device, reactive power compensation device, reactive power compensation control system, etc..

GLF700 Active power filter

GLF700 series active power filter is the perfect solution for harmonic control. GLF700 device is connected in parallel to the power grid, detecting harmonic in power grid by external transformers with real-time detection, and the inverting compensation current is generated by inverting to filter harmonics in power grid dynamically.
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GLV700 Reactive power compensation device

GLV700 Reactive power compensation device is connected to the power grid in parallel mode, monitoring the power factor in the load loop in real time. An advanced dynamic reactive power digital analysis algorithm with double-fed control is adopted, inject or absorb system reactive power to realize real-time, high speed,
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GLQ300 Power quality regulatory system

GLQ300 Power quality regulatory system is a kind of power quality regulatory device that adopts fast response SVG products and traditional capacitor group switching products to control uniformly via an intelligent reactive management unit.
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GLS300 Reactive power compensation control system

Real time monitoring of reactive power and harmonics in power grid, Intelligently issue regulatory instructions, High efficiency and reliability of switching capacitor and reactance.
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GVC300 Capacitor

GVC300 is a capacitor specially designed for reactive power compensation of low voltage grid.
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GVR300 Inductor

GVR300 is a pure-dry type tuned inductor that made from premium silicon steel lamination around which there are superior high temperature-resistant enamelled wires, filled with epoxy resin.
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GLF100High frequency harmonic protector

It is applied to the control of harmonics on the user side to protect the electronic equipment of the control system from higher harmonics. The high frequency user side harmonics of distribution box of precision equipment are protected. Three phase / single phase distribution terminal high frequency user side harmonic protection.
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GSV510 Intelligent Reactive Power Compensation Unit

Gsv510 intelligent reactive power compensation unit integrates traditional reactance, capacitor and switching switch into a modular product. Compared with traditional reactive power compensation device, this product has the characteristics of small size, low power consumption, easy installation and debugging. It has friendly human-machine interface, various protection functions, fault self diagnosis and isolation, and high reliability. It is a new generation of product which can save users from frequent maintenance.
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