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GVS System


Make full use of physical means of networking, the Internet, cloud computing, big data and other emerging information technology, according to the characteristics of energy use in different industries, the exploitation of the corresponding energy (energy management system), in order to promote the wisdom of the development of the industry, through the analysis of massive data mining and intelligent information processing, formation a new working mode, the development of the industry pattern or patterns of social management to build the intelligent environment of new, collaborative, efficient and safe and low carbon social environment.

GVS-B Integration management system of energy consumption for large-scale commercial groups

The system with various functions such as metering management, real-time monitoring, centralized management, intelligent analysis, data statistics, multi-dimensional analysis, energy management and evaluation, etc., covers multiple commercial activities including chain stores, logistics bases, commercial plazas, life plazas, high-end hotels and rental businesses, etc.
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GVS-D Data center loop management system

With the development of Internet applications, all kinds of large or ultra-large data centers are appeared and a variety of monitoring and management systems are established in order to ensure safe, stable and reliable operations of the data center through monitoring, control and management of the physical and operational conditions, power distribution status, equipment operating conditions, personnel activities and fire conditions including possible critical conditions of the data center.
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GVS-H Hospital energy efficiency management system

The hospital energy efficiency management system, through the application of advanced technologies of Internet of Things, cloud computing, big data, etc., combines the scattered energy information (the previous information isolated island) into a whole and realizes the unified summary, calculation and analysis of the energy information to make operational guidance report scientifically
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GVS-U College and university applications

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GVS-app Mobile terminal applications

GVS-app, with lightweight data design, can be used in conjunction with GVS applications for various industries, and also be used alone for a single project. Providers of the database-side service in the big data platform can configure appropriate interfaces for the customer to modify the data content displayed by the app at any time as required.
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GVS-T Smart Online Temperature Monitoring System

GVS-T Smart Online Temperature Monitoring System is a specific application of GVS system of Glvan in temperature monitoring field.
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