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Integrated measurement and control


GLM500 Intelligent multi-functional instrument

GLM500 Intelligent multi-functional instrument can realize comprehensive three-phase power measurement, energy accumulation, harmonic measurement, digital input/output and network communication function, and enhance four-quadrant power metering, categorization and timing billing (TOU) and automatic meter reading,
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GLA500 Comprehensive intelligent measurement and control device

GLA500 Comprehensive intelligent measurement and control device integrates various functional requirements in a highly flexible and cost effective manner, and uses the same hardware and software modules to provide special functions for different applications.
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GLT 310 Smart Temperature Sensor

GLT 310 Smart Temperature Sensor is used for real time online monitoring of underground cable temperature in urban areas.
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GLE500 Distributed Energy Consumption Management System Based on Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is an important part of the innovative generation of GLE500 Eagle products. It integrates the technologies of electricity sensing, positioning, communication and computing. This management system realizes the connection between things and things, between things and people, between people, to digitally reflect the physical world, and through data processing to make a series of reactions and operations.
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