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Products that provide protection for power equipment include digital logic programmable relays and arc protection.

GLP500 Relay protection device

The digital logic programmable relay protection device integrates protection, measurement, control and other functions, with superior anti-interference capability and integrated graphical logic programming, setup, debugging and data analysis software. It can be used for relay protection, monitoring and control of a variety of feeders, transformers, motors and other electrical equipment under 10kV - 110kV voltage level.
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TINNOT900 Arc protection device

TINNOT900 Arc protection device, mainly used for protection of 6.3kV - 35kV LV/MV busbar of power plants, transformer substations, industrial and commercial power distribution system, can quickly remove the fault, limit the duration of the fault arc fundamentally, eliminate the harm to the human body and the damage to the electrical equipment furthest, avoid damage to the main transformer and other equipment under the impact of short-circuit current for a long time, and block the expansion of the fault.
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TINNOT600 low voltage arc protection

TINNOT600 series arc protection integrated measurement and control system is a new generation of products developed according to market needs. The system has accurate action, sensitive response and high reliability. TINNOT600 is designed in distributed mode, suitable for low-voltage bus protection, with flexible networking function, can be freely divided into regions. The main control unit can be configured as the minimum protection system according to different needs.
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