The Internet of Things will change our way of life and work


GVS System

Make full use of physical means of networking, the Internet, cloud computing, big data and other emerging information technology, according to the characteristics of energy use in different industries, the exploitation of the corresponding energy (energy management system), in order to promote the wisdom of the development of the industry, through the analysis of massive data mining and intelligent information processing, formation a new working mode, the development of the industry pattern or patterns of social management to build the intelligent environment of new, collaborative, efficient and safe and low carbon social environment.

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The utility model is suitable for various industries, fields, various complicated environments, various communication modes and various requirements and comprehensive intelligent communication devices.

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Products that provide protection for power equipment include digital logic programmable relays and arc protection.

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Power Quality

Monitoring and improving the quality of power products, including active filtering device, reactive power compensation device, reactive power compensation control system, etc..

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Integrated measurement and control

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Intelligent Lighting System

GL-BUS intelligent lighting control system is an intelligent control system independently developed and manufactured by Gaifu Company according to the international KNX technical standard. KNX is an open international standard in the field of residential and building control. The concept of KNX/EB system originated in the 1990s and has now become the international standard SOEC14543-3. It formally became the national standard of HBES GB/Z20965-2007 in 2007. The system connects all components through a bus. Each component can work independently, and centralized monitoring and control can be carried out by a central control computer. The components programmed by computer can not only independently complete such tasks as switch, control and monitoring, but also can be combined according to different requirements, so as to achieve the effect that the number of components is not increased but the function can be flexibly changed. Gaifu's GL-BUS system is the best in this kind of products.

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