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GLF700 Active power filter


GLF700 series active power filter is the perfect solution for harmonic control. GLF700 device is connected in parallel to the power grid, detecting harmonic in power grid by external transformers with real-time detection, and the inverting compensation current is generated by inverting to filter harmonics in power grid dynamically. GLF700 can run independently, and greater compensation capacity can also be achieved in parallel, suitable for all kinds of capacity occasions harmonic control requirements. At the same time, the operation of the equipment is not affected by the structure of the grid and the type of load, which doesn't resonate with the system to realize the harmonic control of various loads perfectly. It is widely used in communications, large equipment manufacturing plants, computer centers, tobacco, banking, medical treatment, metallurgy, petrochemical engineering, electronics, paper making, construction and other industries. 


1.Industrial level component, IGBT adopts international mainstream brands, with stable and reliable operation; 

2.International advanced algorithms ensure the harmonic detection speed and compensation accuracy; 

3.2-50 harmonics can be filtered at the same time, or specified numbers of harmonic by users are filtered accurately; 

4.Various means ensure that multiple machines parallel running without resonance; 

5.When multiple machines parallel running, if the fault of a single machine occurs, the fault machine automatically exits the operation and does not affect the normal work of other  machines; 

6.With many protection functions such as overcurrent protection, overvoltage protection, under voltage protection, over temperature protection, phase failure protection and so on; 

7.Reactive power compensation function is provided at the same time.