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GLE500 Distributed Energy Consumption Management System Based on Internet of Things


"Internet of Things" is an important part of GLE500 series innovative generation products. It integrates the technologies of electricity sensing, positioning, communication and computing. This management system realizes the connection between things and things, between things and people, between people, to digitally reflect the physical world, and through data processing to make a series of reactions and operations. Using this innovative technology, enterprises can effectively diagnose internal operation problems, identify external needs, accurately locate business control nodes, better promote lean management, meet the multiple requirements of customers, and quickly respond to market changes. Modular design is a revolutionary innovation of GLE500 series products; it brings high flexibility to the installation of equipment and makes the connection and configuration easier and simpler. These innovative technologies are unparalleled in accuracy and function, making the GLE500 series the most effective solution to measure energy consumption, measure and monitor power grid quality in industrial and commercial applications.


GLE510 Single Phase Electricity Sensor and Controller

GLE510 new generation miniature smart watt-hour meter, which is mainly used in 220V terminal system, adopts standard DIN35mm guide type installation, module design, matching with miniature circuit breaker, can be easily installed in the control box. The meter uses OLED display to measure electric energy and other parameters. It can set parameters such as tariff period and so on. It is equipped with temperature and leakage current monitoring. It has two wireless communication modes, LoRa/NB-IoT, and seamlessly docks with GVS cloud system platform, providing users with a perfect energy management scheme.

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GLE517 Fault Arc Detector

GLE517 is a new generation of fault arc detector. It can detect series fault arc and parallel fault arc effectively, and avoid false alarm of non-fault arc effectively. GLE517 also has the functions of wireless communication, energy metering, leakage monitoring, alarm output, etc. It can monitor the personal shock, system fault caused by low-voltage distribution system, the fault caused by L/N line to ground line, L line to N line, or the energy consumption of power equipment in real time, and upload it to GVS cloud platform for analysis and processing.

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GLE520 Power Supply Module

GLE520 is a guide AC/DC module power supply with 20W power and DC12V output. The product has the characteristics of small size, light weight, energy saving and environmental protection.

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GLE530 Three-phase Electricity Sensor

GLE530 is a new generation of miniature smart watt-hour meter carefully designed and manufactured by GLVAN. It uses high-precision sampling measurement and high-speed MCU for data processing. It can accurately measure three-phase voltage, current, active and reactive power, apparent power, frequency, forward and reverse active and reactive power, and also can divide power quality. Analysis. The structure adopts standard DIN35mm guide rail type installation and modular design. It is simple and convenient to use Plug and Play through RJ12 joints in parallel.

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GLE540 Digital Input and Output Module

GLE540 is divided into three types: GLE541 module, GLE542 module and GLE543 module. Among them, GLE541 is four digital input module, GLE542 is four digital output module, GLE543 is two digital input module and two digital output module.

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GLE560 Temperature Measurement Module

GLE560 is an intelligent module for temperature measurement of bus bar, cable and electrical connection point in high and low voltage power system. It is a modern high-tech product with four NTC temperature measurement, data analysis and alarm functions.

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GLE570 Display and Control Unit

GLE570 display and control unit adopts industrial standard high-resolution serial screen with clear picture, delicate picture quality, low power consumption, high reliability, powerful embedded function, flexible and efficient application. It has a RS485 channel, which is used to connect GLE550 communication gateway. It uses standard Modbus-RTU protocol to collect data such as measurement, metering, switching output and control switching output and display. Interface design adopts Metro UI design principle, emphasizes information itself, concise, lightweight, open and fast.

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GLE590 LoRa Gateway

GLE590 is a full-duplex industrial gateway router based on high performance, low power and wide area network LoRaWAN protocol. It provides two-way wireless communication services for Internet of Things devices, supports LoRa, 2G/3G/4G, WiFi and GPS wireless communication functions, and has built-in 10M/100M Ethernet wired communication interface. The device is equipped with large capacity capacitive energy storage to prevent power flicker and drop, and can support power loss operation for up to 600 seconds.

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GLE550 Sensor Communication Gateway

GLE550 is a new modular sensor communication gateway, which supports RS485 communication, Ethernet communication, USB communication and wireless communication (NB-IoT and LoRa). Two independent RJ12 and GLEBUS communication interfaces are used to connect GLE530 three-phase power sensor and GLE540 digital input and output modules. 1-way Ethernet interface to realize Ethernet communication. 1 way USB Type-C interface, easy to debug. It has one channel wireless communication NB-IoT or LoRa to realize the communication of the Internet of Things.

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TE, TR and TF Current Transformers

TE, TR and TF current transformers are connected to GLE530 three-phase electric quantity sensor module by switching module to fast RJ45 connector. Various types of current sensors can be adapted to new and improved projects, covering a wide range of current measurements ranging from 5 to 6,000 A.

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