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TINNOT900 Arc protection device


TINNOT900 Arc  protection device, mainly used for protection of 380V - 35kV LV/MV busbar of power plants, transformer substations, industrial and commercial power distribution system, can quickly remove the fault, limit the duration of the fault arc fundamentally, eliminate the harm to the human body and the damage to the electrical equipment furthest, avoid damage to the main transformer and other equipment under the impact of short-circuit current for a long time, and block the expansion of the fault.TINNOT900 is composed of the main unit, the arc unit, the current unit, etc., which can be flexibly configured as required.


1. Meet the electromagnetic compatibility standard as required by the national standard;

2. Processors and all components applied are in line with requirements of industrial applications;

3. The system uses a modular structure which facilitates the networking;

4. Flexible region partition without quantitative restrictions;

5. Use a dedicated connection cable to ensure reliable and stable operation of the device;

6. With IRIG-B time-checking function to ensure the systematic synergism;

7. Each unit can store 100 incident records;

8. The main unit has the function of fault data recording, sampling 32 points per cycle, and the accuracy is higher;

9. With 28 cycles per piece recording ability, and recording starting point can be adjusted dynamically;

10. Up to 100 pieces recording data storage capacity;

11. Friendly human-computer interface and LED status indication are equipped;

12. With single line diagram display function of complex system;

13. With fault locating function and can be displayed in a single line diagram;

14. Adopt the fast hard wiring transmission protection signal, more reliable and safer, farther transmission distance;

15. The trip exit logic is programmable;

16. With ultrasonic auxiliary criterion (optional);

17. With 2ms fast trip out port (optional). 


TAP930/TAP931 Main unit

The main unit is responsible for data interaction with each subunit, external communication, recording function and liquid crystal display, and the function of the current unit is also provided at the same time. The main unit can be used alone in a simple system, and only one primary unit can be used in a system; when there are multiple main units, other main units should be set at specific address segments to function as current units.

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TAP910/TAP911Current unit with display

The function of current unit in the whole arc protection system is to provide the current auxiliary criterion, and some arc detectors and output interfaces are equipped at the same time which can be run separately in a simple system.

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TAP920 Arc unit with display

The arc unit provides the function of arc detection and arc signal output in the system of the arc protector, and it also has the function of fault output at the same time, which is operated separately in systems that do not require an electric current auxiliary criterion.

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TAP901/TAP902 current expansion unit

TAP901/TAP902 current expansion unit on the TAP900 series is filled when the unit provides the current auxiliary criterion, but also equipped with a small arc probe and an output interface, can also be run separately in simple without display system.

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TAP903/TAP904 Arc expansion unit

TAP903/TAP904 arc expansion unit in the TAP900 Series in charge when the unit is provided, and the arc arc detection signal output function, but also has the function of fault output.

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