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GVS-app Mobile terminal applications

GVS-app, with lightweight data design, can be used in conjunction with GVS applications for various industries, and also be used alone for a single project. Providers of the database-side service in the big data platform can configure appropriate interfaces for the customer to modify the data content displayed by the app at any time as required. The system pushes the data according to the customer's choice and authority, to use the client end as being truly required. 

GVS-app is separated in four parts: overview, data, alarm and set up.

1.Six data windows with different sizes are available at the top of the overview interface. Customers can select the data concerned by themselves for each data window. Each time entering into the app, the users notice the six most important data that they want to focus on firstly. The system provides 20 selectable data for each data window. 



2.Through multi-level hierarchical management on data, the detailed data of each equipment can be queried. The number of data windows can be increased and decreased in accordance with the needs of customers, and the corresponding data window can be selected automatically to generate excel report as attachments of work e-mails of the superior and the subordinate. History records can be checked. 


3.Push the real-time corresponding alarm information (even if the app is not activated), according to the order of the alarm, and provide the tool recording the appropriate alarm treatment of the corresponding staff (photo uploading and processing results). History records can be checked. 


4.Set the corresponding push conditions, send e-mails, including automatically-generated data reports and text messages and provide suggestions on app software modifications to service providers.