GLVAN Agent Conference

On December 15, 2017, it’s an important milestone for GLVAN, it will be recorded in the history of the development of science and technology, we GLVAN members and partners who support us have been gathered together to witness the GLVAN first product agents Conference based on the IoT to solve for assessment and the overall power safety and energy management plan.

First, our operation director Mr. Ding Zhigang delivered a welcome speech, and described the history of science and technology of GLVAN, and GLVAN  enterprise architecture, science and technology in the Chinese overall planning, product system, industry layout, market positioning, development plan in detail, deepen the understanding of the participants for the full range of GLVAN!

The conference has launched a series of products such as GLA500, GVS-T, TINNOTT900 and other products, which are mainly introduced by the product manager of the related products. With the launch of the products, the atmosphere of the venue is lively. Partners and product managers have discussed the product deeply, and have been interested in related products.

In the afternoon, Mr. Ding Zhigang made detailed explanations and answers around the cooperation system of the cooperative partners. The successful convening of this conference enhanced the partners' in-depth understanding of the technology of GLVAN and also had a new recognition for all the products and advantages of GLVAN, and further strengthened the willingness and confidence of the two sides to win cooperation.

In 2018, let us work together, fight side by side, struggle together to harvest our happiness! In 2018,it’s the new journey, the new starting point. GLVAN will be continuous innovation, hand in hand with you to create brilliant future!