GLE500 distributed energy management system based on the Internet of Things new product launch!

On August 31, 2019, GLE500 distributed energy management system based on the Internet of Things held a new conference at Gaifu Science and Technology Headquarters.                        

The GLE500 series products released this time are innovative products based on Internet of Things technology, which integrates electricity sensing, positioning, communication and computing technologies. This management system realizes the connection between things and things, between things and people, between people, to digitally reflect the physical world, and through data processing to make a series of reactions and operations. Using this innovative technology, enterprises can effectively diagnose internal operation problems, identify external needs, accurately locate business control nodes, better promote lean management, meet the multiple requirements of customers, and quickly respond to market changes.            

Modular design is a revolutionary innovation of GLE500 series products; it brings high flexibility to the installation of equipment, and makes the connection and configuration easier and simpler. These innovative technologies are unparalleled in accuracy and function, making the GLE500 series the most effective solution to measure energy consumption, measure and monitor power grid quality in industrial and commercial applications.            

GLE500 Internet of Things-based distributed energy management system includes:            

   * GLE570 display and control unit, GLE560 temperature acquisition unit, GLE540 digital input and output unit, GLE530 three-phase electric quantity sensor, GLE520 power supply module, GLE517 fault arc         detector, GLE510 single-phase electric quantity sensor and controller;            

   * GLE590 LoRaWAN () Gateway Base Station, GLE550 Sensor Communication Gateway;            

   * LoRaWAN Gateway Server Platform, GVS Data Cloud Platform, GVS-M Mobile App.