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GLS350 Intelligent reactive management unit


GLS350 is a flexible and modular intelligent reactive power automatic compensation control system, including two basic components: Basic unit, extension module. The basic unit is the main component to mainly achieve the functions of data collection, communication and logic control, which is the core of the whole system that can get communication connection with expansion module or intelligent fling-cut switch via a unified communication interface. The input signals on the expansion module are collected via communication to control the separation of the intelligent fling-cut switches. This architecture optimizes the switching between various fling-cut switches and capacitor banks, improving the flexibility of various reactive compensation schemes greatly to reduce the cost of switching, running and maintenance of the reactive power compensation system. The basic unit and the expansion module are connected in RS485 mode, with maximum support for 32 groups of capacitor switching.


1. It also supports three-phase co-compensation, partial compensation and hybrid compensation;

2. All kinds of intelligent fling-cut switches, intelligent capacitor module, SVG device or APF device, etc. can be controlled or coordinated via RS485 communication;

3. The distributed IO module with temperature monitoring can control the conventional fling-cut switch directly without the hardware restriction of the single controller;

4. The adjustment of power direction can be realized by adjusting the polarity of field CT;

5. The color touch screen can help users operate the controller more conveniently so that the menu navigation and the parameter settings are quite simple and visual;

6. Complete energy measurement, THDu and THDi can be measured at the same time. Sub-frequency harmonic can be measured with the maximum harmonic number reaching 31 times, and the         subharmonic can be displayed in a histogram (it is convenient to observe the existence of harmonics that cause capacitance resonance);

7. Support cloud data storage and analysis, convenient for users to keep the power quality data at any time.